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Software built for Home Credit Lenders, High Cost Short Term Lenders and Vehicle Finance Vendors


Cloud Based

Securely manage your loans from anywhere

Your data is securly stored in the cloud, meaning that you are able to access it from anything, anywhere, at any time (provided your internet address is on our whitelist). Nosco is accessible via web browser, meaning you are able to manage your loans from your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Simple & Intuitive

Step by step, from loan in, to loan out

Our system is designed to make your life (and your collectors) a breeze. We have taken out all the nitty gritty aspects of entering and managing a loan and done it all for you.

Unparallel Support

Direct UK support with the developers

Tired of being transferred across departments only to end up back where you started? Yeah. So are we. When you contact us for support, you speak to us directly (not that you would ever need to contact us). If you have a problem, you will be speaking directly to one of our developers who know the system better than your collectors know your customers.

Advanced Software

Use of responsive modern technologies

Nosco is made using the latest and most up to date technologies, we pride ourselves on being in the know. Nosco is designed using Twitter Bootstrap, to give it an easy to use interface. The back-end is powered by the Yii Framework, a high-performance component-based PHP framework. Yii is an open source project with over 250 contributors.

Safe & Secure

Your data is our concern

Your data is remotely backed up daily to ensure that if in the event of say - a fire, there would always be something to fall back to. All data is encrypted over a secure socket layer (SSL) using the SHA256-G2 Algorithm.

Fast & Reliable

No delays or chin wagging

The software is powered by an Intel Xeon E3-1225v2 Quad Core running at 3.6Ghz with 8GB of RAM. Combined with the advance power of the Yii Framework, our system is incredibly fast!

Credit Referencing

Powered by Experian and Lend Protect

Get full credit reports and shared credit account information from both Experian (CAIS) and Lend Protect, to gain comprehensive data from both main-stream credit bureau records and under-banked specialists.

Aids Compliance

Facilitates Compliance (including GABRIEL)

Nosco helps to facilitate compliance with FCA regulatory requirements, by producing a full Audit Trail, and functions such as live customer notes and a document archive. Now with GABRIEL report generator. Nosco is compliant in accordance with the CCA.


What is ECPA?
ECPA is our bespoke Continuous Payment Authority service. It is totally unique to the industry. Why? Because it allows you to not only specify the day of week/month you want to take a payment, but also the time of day. Meaning you have complete flexibility over when (and how) you take your payments. No more seeing "insufficient funds" a day after the payment is scheduled to be taken from the customer.

What providers are supported?
We have a very strong partnership with the merchant bank account provider known as CashFlows, they offer competitive rates to other payment gateway providers and are extremely pleasant to deal with! We also support WorldPay, they are a well known provider that deal with a large number of companies in many financial sectors.

What are the benefits?
Ever felt like going abroad for a few weeks but you've been worried that your business would flop while you're away? Well, due to Nosco being a cloud based system, providing you have an internet connection, you are easily able to manage your business from that comfy lounger in Spain.
Not only that, your overheads will be significantly reduced, agents collecting door to door is slowly fading out with advancements such as these.
Many Customers prefer it, it can be quite intimidating having someone knock on your door to collect money, not everyone want their neighbors to know that Jerry is in your house.
Ease of use; customers are able to call you from the comforts of their living room to make a payment over the phone.
Once a customer has provided you with their card details, you will not need to take them again, they are securely stored in the system for future use.

Ok, whats the catch?
No catch, really. We offer our services with minimal cost. Depending on the provider you choose to transact with, we offer rates you wouldn't believe. We would be happy to discuss costs with you, give us a call and let us show you what we can do!


After an initial set up fee of £499.00. All packages include ALL Nosco features as standard.

Small Lender

Less than 1000 active loans
or £100,000 loan book


per week

Medium Lender

Less than 3000 active loans
or £300,000 loan book


per week

Large Lender

Less than 5000 active loans
or £500,000 loan book


per week


More than 5000 active loans
or £500,000 loan book


per week


Credit referencing with CAIS powered by Experian at £3.50 per check.
We also fully support Credit Referencing by Call Credit at no cost per transaction.

You can download our full in-depth price list here.

Additional branches under the same FCA number will be charged at 50% of the standard subscription rates.
NB subscription price subject to increase annually by no more than the RPI index.
All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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Clive Dann
Technical Director

Luke Scowen
IT Director

Steven Stafford
Senior Software Developer

Josh Phillips
Technical Support

Julie Rafferty
Support & Administration
(The Real Boss)

Lauren Gunning
Support & Administration

We are a small team based in the beautiful town of Pontypridd. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers, making you our top priority.


We needed a new system to manage CRM and bookings in our network of almost seventy branches. We also needed to have our existing data migrated. Nosco did it. Great people to work with.

   Jason Freeman
Powerflow Exhausts

Nosco quickly understood what we wanted, and delivered the solution at a very good price.

   Dave Horne
Director, Express Imaging

Super Uploader allows our clients to send us whole folders with their book-keeping paperwork in seconds. We are delighted with the system, and very happy with the price!

   Marcus Smart
Senior Partner

I am delighted with our new website, and it was a pleasure working with the Nosco team.

   Prof. Peter Elwood OBE
Medical Researcher

Nosco took the time to understand my business, and it made all the difference! We have seen a big improvement in sales with our new website.

   Peter Cranstone
Director, Longlife


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